Final destination two trivia (WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES)

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Feb 4, 2023


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Final destination two  trivia (WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES)
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this is another horror quiz! this time, we are going to one of the most grapic movie franchises of all time!!! final destination 2! warning, there will be graphic pictures. if you are 18 or under grab a parent to judge if it is al right to see. if you have played of my quizzes before, you know the format. but if not.... if you get 10 correct you probably love this movie! and watch it way to much if you get 7-9, you like this movie a lot ! and see it pretty frequently if you get 4-6, you have probably only have seen this movie once, maybe twice and if you get 0-3 correct, you've never seen this movie. good luck and have fun!🥳🤪

10 Trivia Questions and Answers

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