Payday 2 Deep Cut Trivia


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Feb 11, 2023


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Payday 2 Deep Cut Trivia
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A trivia quiz about Payday 2 focusing on its lore, characters, and other deep cutting aspects. Answer references are present, but many are fairly long, too long for the website's timers. Please revisit the questions and their answers after completing the quiz, and please appreciate the research and effort I've put into this trivia quiz. Let me know if there's something I got wrong and we can assess it together. Caution: Contains questions regarding the Payday 2 secret story. Please thoroughly finish the story and unlock the secret in-game, or watch TheKknowley's 4-hour YouTube video explaining the entire lore of the Payday franchise in full detail. Questions can refer to not just elements in-game, but also outside of the game, such as promotional material, spin-off content, or crossovers into other games and media. Questions can also refer to real-life events, but always relate to Payday 2 or their developers/publishers. Questions that are about or mention specific weapons will refer to these weapons by the names they are given in-game. This trivia quiz is about Payday 2. The fictional names given to the in-game catalogue of firearms are very much an element of the game. Either simmer your gun nut heart down, or stay seething, you nerds. :)

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